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Who’s blogging here anyway?

Alexander Heidn

On the mem­o­rable date of Novem­ber 21, 1979, I was born and from then on I was known for my most­ly easy-care but some­times very loud mouth and above-aver­age weight.

My inter­est in (web)design was awak­ened quite ear­ly on and has actu­al­ly con­tin­ued through­out my entire computer/​internet jour­ney. I start­ed blog­ging in the ear­ly 2000s and was addict­ed to this hob­by for a few years until I some­how ran out of steam and time. Now I’ve dared a reboot and con­tin­ue to write here spon­ta­neous­ly and irreg­u­lar­ly about every­thing that inter­ests me, but also col­lect every­thing I’ve cre­at­ed over the decades. Apart from my fam­i­ly, my great­est pas­sion is music, fol­lowed by good movies. Apart from these main top­ics, there are also books (espe­cial­ly comics), var­i­ous geeky stuff and the odd anecdote.

Social Media

As a web cit­i­zen, I am of course not only to be found here. With the mass of inter­est­ing web offers nowa­days, I have also got stuck on one or the oth­er. If you like, you can also add me as a friend, if the respec­tive web­site allows it!

Want to support me?

Blog­ging is my hob­by and I am pleased about every com­ment and read­er. But if you want to make me hap­py beyond that, you can do so in the fol­low­ing ways:

If you work for a pro­mo agency, you are wel­come to send me pro­mo mate­r­i­al on bands, movies etc.! That way I can write more reviews and maybe orga­nize one or two competitions!