Welcome to the KNARZwerk!

If you’ve found your way here, you’ll prob­a­bly either know me, Alexan­der Hei­dn aka Her­rK­narz, or you’ll have been washed over by Google. On these pages you’ll find an irreg­u­lar blog about music, films, games and what­ev­er else inter­ests me, as well as all sorts of stuff I’ve cre­at­ed over the years, e.g. var­i­ous Spo­ti­fy playlists, add-ons for the game launch­er Playnite etc.

Many years ago, this site looked very dif­fer­ent and was already filled with many blog posts exclu­sive­ly writ­ten in Ger­man until I let it lie fal­low for a few years due to lack of time and moti­va­tion. This is now a fresh new start with­out con­straints, but bilin­gual. Every­thing is still at a min­i­mum and looks rather ugly, but lit­tle by lit­tle the KNARZw­erk will be filled with life! Why don’t you take a look from time to time?

What is a KNARZw­erk, you might ask? It’s my own word cre­ation lit­er­al­ly mean­ing creak­ing mech­a­nism or work in Eng­lish. My web­site, my work is any­thing but a per­fect­ly func­tion­ing machine, but that’s life. And a lit­tle creak­ing sand in the gears is what makes it inter­est­ing, isn’t it?

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