If you’ve found your way here, you’ll probably either know me, Alexander Heidn aka HerrKnarz, or you’ll have been washed over by Google. On these pages you’ll find an irregular blog about music, films, games and whatever else interests me, as well as all sorts of stuff I’ve created over the years, e.g. various Spotify playlists, add-​ons for the game launcher Playnite etc.

Many years ago, this site looked very different and was already filled with many blog posts exclusively written in German until I let it lie fallow for a few years due to lack of time and motivation. This is now a fresh new start without constraints, but bilingual. Everything is still at a minimum and looks rather ugly, but little by little the KNARZwerk will be filled with life! Why don’t you take a look from time to time?

What is a KNARZwerk, you might ask? It’s my own word creation literally meaning creaking mechanism or work in English. My website, my work is anything but a perfectly functioning machine, but that’s life. And a little creaking sand in the gears is what makes it interesting, isn’t it?

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